A boat trip în Antiparos!

If you get into Antiparos or Paros,do not miss a day spent by boat,you will see beautiful beaches,a cave that can go only by boat.The boat starts from Antiparos then gets in Paros port,if you go in july and august it would be good to make early reservation because it is crowded.

The trip cost 50 euro for one person,but you will not regret that you have taken this money out of your pocket!

First stop will be at:St Spyridon Rocks,here you can swim,its very nice place!

The second stop will be made at :Small Monastiri here is a small and lovely beach!

The third stop will be: Despatico Island (Livadi beach),you will be taken by a smaller boat at the beach,where you will have a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and a fine sand of dark brown color.

The forth stop: Sea Cave a beautiful cave with an amazing view,you will swim here and you will have the opportunity to admire this wonderfull cave with a beach of small stones.

Fifth and the final stop: Panteonisia (Blue Lagoon) is a lagoon with crystal clear water,here you can jump from the water slide direct into the sea,its a very pleasant and beatifull experience and the same time fun!

We choose Captain Ben,it was recommended,i made the best choice,i spent unforgettable moments.

In the price of the trip enters coffe,tea,alchool ,lunch,fruits.

But if you are a couple and spend your honeymoon do not miss to take this boat trip!

At the end of the trip a traditional Zorba dance is organized.

Feel free to discover new things and add beautiful memories from your vacations!

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