Gulhi somewhere….in the Maldives!

Gulhi Island is a picturesque local island in Maldives.

There are two types of island in Maldives,local and private island where only tourists and employes are on the private island,those resorts where almost all have all inclusive.

In the early 1980 s,Gulhi was very popular for tourists who stayed here,because a stay in Gulhi Island will surely fascinate the visitors and provide a truly unique cultural experience.

The island is 0.400 km long and 0.225 km wide,and it is located in the South Male Atoll,close to Male and Maafushi Island.

Its very easy to get to Gulhi Island,because thei airport has local boats airport to male cost 1$,you find the boat very easy,when you leave the airport turn left,going all the way to the airport.

There,on a ticket shop,it s written” ferry to Male”,from there you buy the ticket and also get the boat there,which runs quite often.

In Maldives,on Friday there is nothing circulating,so when you plan your vacaition avoided friday to go in Maldives or somewhere.

How to get from Male to Gulhi?

There are several boats station in Male,it depends on where you need it,but better ask the hotel,they will tell you the number at the port.

I had Number 1,it was right near,where the boat from airport to Male left me,I arrived after 3pm,i have to take a speed boat wich cost 25$,local boat cost 1$,and its working until 3 pm.

On the island you don’t realy need footwear,I went barefoot,only when its to hot,you can’t walk without shoes as the sand rubs on your feet.

The hole island id being covered only by sand,on the road there is no asphalt.

On the local island,it is a beach desingned for tourists is called bikini beach,otherwise if you want to bath,you need a blouse with long sleeves and shorts to the knees.

The bikini beach is beautifull,with crystal clear water,you can go snorkeling,almost any of the hotels is offering you a snorkeling kit and you will surely be fascinated by the acean world.

On the island you can find a few places to eat,a pizza cost around 8$ and rise with meet ar around 7$,no alcohol on local island,only on private island you can find.

I stayed at the hotel Ilaa Beach and had all the meals included (full board),only for the drinks I payed.The room look mediocre,it looked better on the,while I stayed for 3 nights they never changed the towels,sheets,never cleaned the room.Food was delicious,only you had to wait an hour or more,the good thing is that the stuff was very friendly.

The hotel was very close to the beach,but the island being very small,you can stay anywhere and in the area there is also a market near the beach.

Very beautifull beach,crystal water,easy to reach,teasty food and I hope I convinced you that Maldives is no longer an expensive destination,but accesible at almost anyone.

Only the flight tickets are expensive,but there are offers and you can find tickets at an offordable price.

From airport can you buy an sim card,it cost 30$,you have 17GB,it is the right at the exit of the airport.

In Maldives you can pay the hotel in euro or dollars,any local or store accepts dollars,so there is no need to change the money,when you receive rest you can also receive dollars and ruphia.

Even in the menu and in store will tell you the price in dollars.

Once an expensive destination,now a destination for almost anyone on the island of Maldives!

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