Maafushi is a local island in Maldives, it is one of the most popular local island in Maldives, with its iconic turquoise waters surrounding the island.

Maafushi is definitely a destination that will allow you to enjoy a spectacular holiday, without completely emptying your wallet.

There is no reason not to like the island of Maafushi, but my advice is to not just stay on an island, but also don’t expect anyone to know how beautiful it is, because the local islands are very different from the private islands.If you want a holiday carefree relaxing, choose all inclusive packages on private islands and obviously water villa.

About 90 minutes from Male by local boat ($ 5) and 45 minutes by fast boat ($ 20), Maafushi Island is frequented by a lot of tourists, being relatively large in size, but the best choice it would be if you stay near bikini beach, where is a nicer area with restaurants, bars and shops.

It is very easy to reach, because there are speed boats from the airport directly to Maafushi and it stops at Gulhi, so contact the hotel to make your reservation.

The local ferry operates daily from Male to Maafushi, it costs $ 5, from the airport, it is easy to get to Male, at the exit of the airport you find a ferry to Male which costs $ 1, travel frequently.

I was staying at the Rosemary Boutigue hotel, just 2 minutes from the bikini beach, I chose the full board option.Personally, I really liked this hotel, very friendly and smiling employees, always ready to help you with anything you would ask them and of course very tasty food.

It is still written that you have to dress in modest clothes, that you are not allowed with short or t-shirts, tops, tourists do not respect any of these rules, everyone dresses as he wants and nobody tells you anything.

The island offers many excursions, snorkeling with dolphins and sharks with sea cats, fishing, private island trips and many more.

Maafushi is the most cosmopolitan and progressive local island in the Maldives, you can also go by boat off to drink the floating bars or choose a day trip on a private island with all inclusive, many such trips are here.

I would return with great pleasure if I had the opportunity, but I would choose only a private island, on the local islands you do not have many options.

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