Guraidhoo an island in Maldives!

Guraidhoo, one of the local islands of the South Male Atoll, Maldives, is easily accessible from the airport, either by a 35-minute fast boat or looking for more local experience, the ferry, which is available every week.,except Friday, it will take you to the island in 2 hours.

Guraidhoo is a local island, it is close to Maafushi, you can easily reach by boat or ferry, you have very few entertaining options on this island, few tourists venture there.

Every island in the Maldives are still under construction, there is still a lot of noise, you do not have much to do on this island, the beach so and so, think carefully when choosing a location, as they not coincide with what you see in the picture, a lot of poverty and locals who make you feel unwanted. Only locals who have something to sell or those at hotels are very nice.

Guraidhoo was disappointing. I didn’t fall in love.

In search of a beach to spend your day. Unlike Maafushi or other islands, there was no sandy area reserved for tourists, and the beaches were not very interesting.

Informative when you decide to take a vacation on the islands of Maldives, if you want a local experience or an experience on private islands, many do not understand that Maldives is not what we see in pictures and videos, for some it is a shock when they arrive on the local islands and are disappointed and rightly so. Those who choose the private islands, are happy with the choice made and will surely enjoy that beautiful and exotic vacation.

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