History of Mimi Castle in the Republic of Moldova!

Mimi Castle is an architectural monument of national importance in the town of Bulboaca, Raionul Anenii Noi, just 40 km from Chisinau Capital.

The Bessarabian politician Constantin Mimi initiated the construction of the mansion in 1901, he studied viticulture and vinification in Montpellier and dedicated his life to the vineyard, set up the first wine castle in the country and developed one of the most famous vineyards.

It is considered that the respective mansion was the first true „chateau” in Bessarabia, the cellar of the castle had a capacity of 300,000 liters of wine kept in polobas.

In 2011 the renovation began, which was to become an attraction for tourists from all over the world!

With the completion of the renovation of the “Mimi Castle” Tourist Complex, the following were put into operation: a museum, an art gallery for young artists, a conference room, a hotel, a SPA, a restaurant, a few creative workshops, as well as rooms for events.

Four large halls for 100-120 people, two tasting rooms and six halls in the cellar were arranged in the Castle.

The tour packages include trips through the cellars, gardens and the production section of Mimi Castle, you need to make a reservation and choose a package according to your taste.

Constantin Mimi, the last governor of Bessarabia in the Tsarist period, carried on by his passion, managed to build the first chateau in the country!

The castle gave life to exceptional wines, thanks to the Mimi boyar, the wine industry has been saved several times, so that the Republic of Moldova can be today among the world leaders in wine making.

When you are free to travel again, I urge you to visit this beautiful and seductive castle!
Enjoy everything beautiful!

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