Cricova Winery, Republic of Moldova.

The Cricova Winery is located in Cricova City, just 11 km from the capital of Chisinau.

In the central area of ​​Moldova, in the area of ​​Codrilor begins the history of winemaking, the winery was awarded the highest state distinction of the Order of the Republic, being the only winery holding this award.

Cricova Sa Winery was founded in 1952, with a unique underground complex, known worldwide for its huge mazes and especially for its excellent wines

The cellars from Cricova are truly indestructible in the world, here the history, archeology and art of winemaking have given birth to such a miracle with its underground galleries.

The cellars as a whole, together with the production units, occupy about 53 hectares of underground space, being located under the whole town of Cricova, they represent a real underground city.

In 2003, from August 28, it was declared by law object of the national cultural heritage of the Republic of Moldova.

At present, the vineyards of the company are the largest in the entire country and cover an area of ​​approximately 600 hectares.

It should be noted that, unlike many wine-making enterprises, including the world-renowned ones, Cricova’s wine storage facilities lack artificial air conditioning or ventilation systems.

Boulevards, streets, streets, the names they wear are less common: Cabernet, Dionis, Feteasca, Aligote, Sauvignon, each of the streets thus corresponds to the name of the wine that are kept in adjacent niches.

The pearl from the collection of precious wines is the „Easter Jerusalem” wine produced in a single batch in 1902.

In July 2007 the Cricova Winery has completed the construction of galleries, today visitors can enjoy the famous underground complex, which has been decorated with multiple works of art.

The tasting complex comprises five large, spacious and imposing rooms: the European Hall, the Seabed, the Presidential Hall, the fireplace room, the Big House.

You can enjoy three unique dining rooms: the Big House, the White Room, the Vip Room, here you can turn your lunch or dinner into a unique experience.

You need a reservation in advance, the trips are in Romanian, Russian, English, French, are available several packages: Bisiness, Social, Morning, Traditional, VIP Excursions, Premium Gold, National, Professional, for those who wish I can choose a photo session as well.

Covid-19, the disease that has blocked everyone, nobody can know when we will be free, I hope we will soon enjoy our loved ones!
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