Life in the Covid 19 era.

The Covid19 virus fled us with insane rapidity into homes, where it blocked us for almost two months, and paralyzed almost an entire world.
I was so happy that I could travel, but even more I was glad that I was able to be with my mother, trying to make up for lost time, many of us have parents, children or even grandparents gone far away, to a better future. good and with hearts full of sadness and longing for home and loved ones.

Rejoicing that I can spend more time with my mother, trying with small and beautiful steps to get to know each other better, to enjoy smiles and memories, talking about each other, I enjoyed freedom on a beautiful island in Greece on the beach, until he forcibly drove this virus away from us at home, away from everything that was dearest to me and thinking about when we will be free again?

And many other questions, how many of you want to have your loved ones by your side? Will we be more withdrawn? Will everything be the same as before?
Of course not, nothing is what it used to be, but that may make us better, happier when we can be loved by us again!
What a longing for the duke I have, as if time is more precious now, the holiday that will follow you will be so beautiful and pleasant I will feel freedom again!

I chose to go where I grew up, because for many years I didn’t have time to spend my time at my childhood home, but for me this quarantine took me home, where I was a child, where I was free again, free and full life to enjoy why I have not enjoyed for many years.

I planted trees, I planted seedlings, I cleaned things up, I learned to ride a bike, especially since I wanted to be able to walk for a long time, but I always left it at another time and although I had a few attempts I couldn’t I’m learning until recently.

It’s nice to see my grandmother smiling, full of life, a grandmother who went through war and hunger, a grandmother with four children and a painful past, brothers and sisters and a child who went up there to watch her, a man with so much power life!

We live and learn, to value more, everything is fleeting, now we return to normal slowly, we have to live with this virus among us, because we do not know when or if a vaccine will be found.
Let’s enjoy freedom but be careful that everything depends on us, better healthy than sick.

Let everyone be more careful and so we will have fewer cases of C19.
Rejoice today, because tomorrow you may not be, so live every day, the present is the most important!

A grandmother who is advised by her grandchildren to wear a mask, smiling, she answers, did I end up wearing something like that?

Let’s learn and it’s those around us that it’s better to prevent than to treat, to let those doctors return to a normal life with their loved ones.
  We will defeat Covid 19!

We will be different!
We will be more different!
How different you will be, write me in the comments!

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