Soroca Fortress is a historical monument in the Republic of Moldova.

The Soroca fortress was built against the Tartar prey mobs, which, through the fords of the Dniester, made their way to Moldova, it is an castle for the shelter of a guard guard against the Tartars.

The Soroca Fortress was erected by Stephen the Great in the last quarter of the 15th century, the Soroca Fortress is a unique historical monument of medieval Moldova.

Before the stone fortress there was a fortress of wood and earth, which is believed to have been built earlier, although it was mentioned only in 1499.

The small dimensions of the fortress, the inner diameter equal to 100 steps, places the Sorocii fortress among the remarkable achievements of European architecture, being a testimony of the experience of its craftsmen in the art of construction.

The stone fortress we see today was built by a group of masons from Transylvania, led by the craftsman Iacob, who left an inscription inside the fortress: „he built this castle Iacob”.

The fortress is entered through the prismatic tower facing the Dniester, crossed at the first level by a passage sectioned by the construction of two massive gates, under the passage there were two underground „traps”.

In medieval Europe the concepts of fortress, castle seem to have been borrowed from the nobility involved in the Christian crusades of the Byzantine Empire itself, where this defense system remained for centuries, coming from the military fortification traditions of ancient Rome.

Soroca Fortress is located in the middle of Soroca, about 160km north of Chisinau.

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