The Hâncu Monastery

In a quiet and picturesque place at the foot of the cods, through a bell-ringer, the Hâncu Monastery began its activity with a troubled past, during the centuries the monastery suffered greatly.

The holy place was established in 1678 bearing the name of the Holy Cuvius Parascheva, the Moldovan boy Mihalcea Hâncu was the founder of this place, but following the Tatar invasion in the Republic of Moldova the church was completely ruined.

As a result of these terrible events the nuns were forced to leave the holy place.

Egumen Varlaam the second built in 1784 a wooden church with the name „Adormirea Maicii Domnului”

Another tragedy is awed on this holy place in 1944 after almost 200 years of peaceful existence, some of the monks of Hâncu Monastery were evacuated to the county. Ialomița at balaciu monastery, but most of them were arrested and taken to Romania’s headquarters to prison in Brăila.

After almost 43 years the Hâncu Monastery begins its activity, on September 10, 1992 the monastic church was re-established this year, the young Zinaida Cazacu takes the monastic oath, she becomes the first nun of the Hâncu Monastery.

But the most important abbot of the monastery is considered to be the Ierashimmonah of Dorota, he ruled the monastery from 8 June 1832 until 1843.

At a distance of 55 km west of Chisineau is the place, there are several mineral-rich springs around, the monastery can be visited daily.

Enjoy what you have!

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