Căpriana Monastery, one of the oldest monasteries in the Republic of Moldova.

In the remote hilly land, once called Codrii Lăpușnei was one of the oldest monasteries in the Republic of Moldova, located in the central part of the country, about 40 km from Chisșnău, considered by many historians, the last bastion of voivodeship architecture in Moldova , belonging to the Romanian cultural space.

In 1429, the Căpriana Monastery received the status of a royal monastery from Mr. Alexandru cel Bun.

At that time, Căpriana was in possession of a mill, a few mills, an estate formed by the villages of Târnauca, Cârlani, Călinăuți, Cunila, Sandrești and Pârjalteni.

This monastic settlement enjoyed the care of several rulers of Moldova, having the status of a royal monastery, archaeologists discovered in 1993 the first stone church, which was built in the time of Alexandru cel Bun.

Prince Petru Rareș in 1542-1545 made restoration works, he built the church from the ground up, the church plan remained the typical Moldavian one, from the medieval era, this being the only cult monument preserved from that era on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

Is it still unclear by what criterion the renovation of the holy shrine during communism was done? Specialists from Great Britain stated that: “The renovation was made on the basis of criteria that were difficult to define after inspecting the building, in this artistic and historical heritage of Moldova, it was wanted to create a luxurious place where the rich to feels at home!

In the years 2003-2012 took place the restoration work with money from the state budget and donors, the communist regime promoted the image of the tsarist church, at that time the president of the Republic of Moldova Voronin announced the completion of the renovation of the monastic complex. that the work on the true voivodship church of Stephen the Great had not yet been completed.

The confusion between the two churches is maintained even today, one of the explanations is that the Metropolitan Church of Moldova, subordinated to the Russian Orthodox Church, promotes the common theory of the Russian church and the faith in Bessarabia.

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