National Museum of History of Moldova. Republic of Moldova!

The National Museum of History of Moldova is one of the most important museum institution in the Republic of Moldova, the space for the exhibition has an area of 1700 m.p. and is used optimally, respecting all the requirements of conservation and security of the museum heritage.

The deed of establishment of the history museum bears the date of December 21, 1983, the date on which the order of the Ministry of Culture is issued.

On October 22, 1991, by order of the Ministry of Culture no. 231 “On the improvement of the activity of the republican museums”, the State Museum of History of the MSSR changes its title into the National Museum of History of Moldova.

Today, the National Museum of Archeology and History of Moldova has 322,172 pieces of heritage, whoose diverse typology captures the profile of Moldova over the centuries, from prehistoric eras to the present, attesting human habitat, facts, events, portraits of personalities.

In its 28 years of existence, the museum has organized about 189 temporary exhibitions (at headquarters, outside the institution and abroad), focused on its own collections, as well as on cooperation with other cultural and research institutions.

The museum also offers the general public temporary exhibitions, various in terms of theme and museum technology, which come to fill the gaps of the permanent exhibition and to contribute to the cultural propaganda of the deposited heritage.

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