Ciuflea Monastery is a nunnery in the Republic of Moldova.

The cathedral of the monastery was built between 1854-1858 by the brothers Teodor (1796-1854) and Anastasie (1801-1870) Ciufli.

It is a white stone temple with nine gilded domes. The first parish priest of the holy place was Archbishop Ioan Butuc. In 1962 the church „St. M. Mc. Teodor Tiron ”became the Episcopal Cathedral, the parish priest being named Archpriest Valentin Dumbravă.

After his death, in 1968, the parish priest became the archpriest Gheorghe Mușcinschi. In 1962, the capital repair works of the Cathedral began, the church epitropies being the initiators: Gordei Cotlearenco (1970-1972) and Alexandru Gurschi (1972-1990).

The restoration of the damaged mural was done by the painter A.I. Burbela. The painting was executed in the Vasnetsov style.

In Soviet times, for a long time (early 1960s – late 1980s) the Ciuflea church was the only Orthodox church in Chisinau where services were held.

The monastery is an architectural monument of national importance, being introduced in the „Register of monuments of history and culture of Chisinau”, at the initiative of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

On July 17, 2002, at the request of the monastic community and the report of Metropolitan Vladimir, the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church blessed the granting of the status of a monastery.

On August 8, 2002, the day of remembrance of St. M. Mc. and Healer Pantelimon, the Monastery received the Registration Certificate No. 1652, issued by the State Service for Cults and signed by the director of the Service, Serghei Iațco.

By Metropolitan Decree, the archpriest Teodor Roșca was blessed in the position of clergyman-administrator of the newly established monastery, who served here as chelar (1992-1994), deputy parish priest (1994-1998) and parish priest (1998- 2002) of the former Cathedral.

Over time, multiple icons were brought to the monastery, considered miracle workers, but also relics of the saints.
The monastery is subordinated to the Metropolitan Church of Moldova and, like all monasteries in the Republic of Moldova, is old-fashioned.

The services are performed according to the typical monastery: in the evening and in the morning, every day.

So far, in addition to the cathedral of the monastery, the construction of the social-administrative block of the monastery has been completed, which includes: the winter church „St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel ”; cells for nuns and obedient women; Church Art Museum; kitchen; refectory; veşmântăria; the precinct and the other rooms, necessary for the monastic life and activity.

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